Catalog No. 65 (May 2015)

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Ken Benner is a founding member of the Tennis Collectors of America and served as President in 2007 and 2008.
Clients of Fine Tennis Antiquities include major tennis museums including Wimbledon, the International Tennis Hall of Fame, and the Tennis Museum of Chile. Ken offers a great variety of tennis collectibles which include vintage books, trophies from major tournaments including Wimbledon, US National/Open, US National Clay courts, etc. Also, vintage racquets, ball containers, magazines, art objects, programs, and books.
Ken also has the largest available inventory of items relating to tennis legend Bill Tilden, winner of 7 USLTA singles titles and the most collectable tennis player ever.
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Each catalog consists of ten pages:
two pages of color illustrations
with eight pages of descriptions.
The general arrangement is by groups
which may flow to multiple pages.
The groups are listed here:
  • PART A--Programs, Magazines and Guides
  • PART B--Ball Cans and Gut Containers
  • PART C--Prints and Covers
  • PART D--Racquets
  • PART E--Books
  • PART F--Miscellaneous